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canon printer setup

Canon, the renowned brand has everything in it very prominent. Starting from their cameras, to cinematography solutions to scanner also as printers – every single thing has its own particular productivity.

Here we are going to speak about the canon printers in particular, which is probably considered the best of all.

Every single printer of Canon is known for its smoothening production and mind blowing results.

Canon printer speed strength results in very high in USB 2.0 and it is very much accessible in Wi-Fi, wireless Pict bridge and Airprint.

Coming to the other IJ PIXMA products, after you’re done with this Canon IJ Setup in your place, you’ll come across some striking and bestsellers have features like the on-stop solution for all worries.

It has a very alluring quality which attracts everybody towards buying it. A very satisfying feature of this series is its ability to connect with everything possible like the Bluetooth, USB, cloud and what not. Who doesn’t go for the look? Probably everybody and this series has that too.

It is very fascinating in its appearance with its sleek design so ultimately pursuing with this Canon IJ Setup may be a must. If you have recently bought a new Canon printer, then you have made a great choice.

This is a renowned brand in the world when it comes to camera and printers.

  • The quality of products speaks for itself and if you have got one, you might be planning to install the printer.
  • It is quite easy to put in a replacement printer of Canon.
  • It is important that you learn to install it on your own.

Do you want to take a print out of the photos available on the phone? Instead of sending those pictures to your computer, you can directly take a print out of it. How’s that possible? In earlier times, this couldn’t have been possible but now you can use the wireless connection to do this magic. If you haven’t heard about Canon IJ setup, then you would like to understand about it now to form your life easier and better with the Canon printer. If it’s been already installed and you would like to find out Canon IJ setup, then here you’ll realize it intimately .

ij start cannon
canon printer setup
canon printer driver

Canon ij setup

Before doing the setup, you need to know about it properly. Before you plan to connect your computer with the Canon printer, you need to learn about the

It is a way to connect the printer with the other devices by using the wireless connection.

When you will make a network connection with the printer, then it can allow you to take printouts from your tablets, smartphone, laptops, and computers. You won’t even need the USB cable for it.

Isn’t it great? If you want to set up your printer in this manner, then it isn’t a difficult task. Process

Before you propose to travel, it’s important that you simply realize its requirements. you would like to possess a router or modem at your home to try to to this connection and therefore the access points should also work properly. you ought to have a tool with an online connection to form this canon ij setup. It are often a computer or a smartphone.

Easy Steps to Do Canon IJ Setup

CD or Download software

If you’re a window user, then you would like to insert a CD which is given with the canon printer set to start out this wireless setup. If you don’t have any CD, then you’ll download drivers through

canon printer setup
ij start cannon

Choose Wireless connection For ijsetup

After this, you will find out a screen on which you need to select  ‘next’. The MAC users will need to type the password for it as it will install helper tool for you. You need to choose a wireless or USB connection in this case and you have to go for the wireless obviously.

Switch ON the Canon printer

Verify if the printer is switched on otherwise the set up won’t work. So, you need to power on the printer before jumping to the next step. You need to select  a cable less set up in the next option. If you are using Windows XP, then you will option as ‘other setup’ instead of the cable less setup. By selecting this option, you can go to the important step ahead.

ij start canon setup
canon printer setup

Connection Via Cableless setup

On your computer, ‘connection via cable less setup’ will appear and you need to select WiFi option. Make sure that you hold an alarm lamp till it sparkles for the second time and then you can release it.

Flashing blue and green lamps

You will find that the blue Wi-Fi light is flashing and then the green light is also flashing with it. If this happens, then you can select the next option. Make sure that your network connection is strong but while doing this step, you will notice network goes off for a few seconds.

ij start canon setup
canon printer driver

Agree on the terms

After this, you need to follow the given steps to agree on the license agreement and the addition of necessary details about your region. You will find that there is the name of the printer model along with the wireless network on the screen.

Complete the Canon Printer Setup

You can click ‘complete’ when you see the wireless network with the printer model on the screen.

In this way, the Canon IJ setup is completed. You don’t need to be an expert to do this task but any person who knows to use a computer can complete this setup easily. Whether you have bought a new printer or you are using the older one, wireless setup can be really helpful for you. In this digital age, wireless connection with a printer can allow you to make better use of it.

Guide To Installing Canon Printer

Most of the printers of Canon are very practical in nature and therefore it is very easy to install it – it is usually automatically installed on PCs which are centrally advocated and the audience can use it according to their wish.

Installing A New Canon Printer

When it comes to installing a new canon printer then following the below steps are necessities:

  • Jump to the beginning menu and attend the Install Printers under the HY segment. you’ve got to look for the printer miniature on the list and easily click thereon .
  • Then a really crucial step which you’ve got to specialise in is to place down the amount of the printer properly on the search field.
  • Hit search button.
  • In a black coloured box you’ll catch serial numbers. Serial no 1 will ask you for the search criteria of the printer which can include putting as an example the Canon printer number or address , etc.
  • Then, click on the search button for locating the printer.
  • Thence, you’ve got to leap to the printer option which you would like
  • Eventually click on the install option
  • Happiness alert: you’ll actually install quite one printer at a specific time
  • Confirmation message are going to be sent to you revealing that the method was a hit
  • Now, you’ve got to look from the list of printers that which is that the one that’s default. Jump to Devices and Printers from an equivalent start menu.
  • If at that point you would like to vary the default printer then you’ll roll in the hay that point instantly.
  • Just flow to the printer you would like to form as default then click thereon with the secondary button of your mouse.
  • The printer which you’ve got selected are going to be shown having a green coloured tick underneath then you’re ready .

Canon IJ Wireless Printer Setup Guide

We can see various steps involved canon printer setup and the way to attach this printer to the pc or smart devices through wireless mode.

Using this you’ll easily share your documents, photos, videos, then on together with your friends or neighboring systems easily without connecting it using the USB.

canon printer setup

Canon IJ Wireless Printer Setup

What Is ?

Before knowing about the method to attach the printer to the pc or other devices, we will see about the canon ij setup. The is that the procedure to attach your printer to the opposite devices employing a wireless connection. When the network connection is formed with the canon printer then you’ll take print from your devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops or other devices without using the USB cable.

What Are The Requirements For Connecting The Canon IJ Printer To Wireless Network?

IJ Start Cannon

ij start canon setup

In this topic, we will see the wants we should always have before canon ij setup & then connecting the printer to the wireless network through setup process

  • You must have an access point such as a modem, router or a Wi-Fi modem. And also you must make sure the connection provided in these access points are functioning properly.
  • Then you must at least have a smart device or computer which has an internet connection, to make the canon ij setup. To ensure that your device is connected to the internet, open the browser and type the extension which opens all the details regarding the http //

These are two important factors you ought to consider before the After checking this stuff you’ll easily connect the canon printer to your smart devices.

The various steps involved in connecting the printer to the wireless network using the “” are as follows:

  • The windows users have to put the CD that has been provided with the printer set for initiating with the Canon wireless printer setup. If you’re not having the CD or if you are a MAC user then you have to direct towards downloading the software manual and follow the printer which you are availing.
  • Then you will find a screen appearing and on that you’ve to click on NEXT. If you are a MAC user then you have to type the password so that the helper tool can be installed. Then again you have to click on NEXT to ensure a smooth functioning.
  • IMPORTANT STEP: here you will find a screen appearing which will feature whether you will want to pursue with USB or wireless connection. Go for the wireless connection obviously.
  • Then, you have to keep in mind that the printer must be switched on and also the power lamp is on and then jump to NEXT.
  • Next, you have to associate with the network by connecting.
  • A screen will appear from where you have to select ‘cableless setup’. If you are a pursuer of Windows XP then you won’t be able to see the ‘cableless setup’ option but you will have to select ‘other setup’ option. Then the Windows XP people have to direct towards selecting the ‘wireless setup using the USB cable’ for the Canon wireless printer setup option.
  • A very crucial step is this one. you will notice ‘connection via cableless setup’ option appearing and from there you have to jump to the printer’s wifi option and keep on holding until the orange coloured alarm lamp sparkles twice and then you just release it.
  • Henceforth, you have to make sure that the blue coloured Wi-fi lamp portion is flashing instantly and simultaneously the green coloured power lamp is sparkling. Then select NEXT.
  • NOTE: while you do this you have to remember that your network connection will be unavailable for quite sometime. Select NEXT.
  • Thence your region must be selected then select NEXT.
  • Put your place where you are residing and click on NEXT
  • Then, you have to jump onto the software which you wish to install. You can always uninstall it in the upcoming future.
  • On the following screen you have to select on ‘YES’ to ensure that you’ve correctly clicked on the end users license agreement.
  • Then on the following screen you will come across the printer model as well as the name of the wireless network.
  • Eventually click COMPLETE to finish the Canon wireless printer setup process.

Setting Up Canon IJ Printer With USB

  • If you are unable to locate your printer after you’re done with your canon printer setup or go through with then you have to select ‘setup network connection via USB’ and jump onto NEXT.
  • A screen will follow from which you’ve got to leap towards canon ij setup and connecting your printer together with your computer by attaching the USB cable. If you are a MAC user then click on NEXT.
  • After all this is done then you will notice on the screen the access point with which your computer is connected with. If you would like your printer to accompany that specific wireless network then plow ahead , click YES.
  • If you are a MAC user, then direct towards clicking ALLOW. Then a screen will appear from which you have to dismantle your printer from the computer and select NEXT.
  • If you are a Windows user, click on COMPLETE.
  • This is only for MAC users, after the attachment of your printer with your computer the access point will be featured and then you’ve to click on OK.
  • Then jump onto ADD PRINTER.
  • On the screen thereafter click on the particular driver version that you are looking for and click on ADD.
  • For completion of the entire setup, jump onto NEXT.

How To Install The Canon IJ Printer Driver With the Help of

After connecting your printer to a wireless network, you can take a print out from various devices. Now we are going to see how to install a canon printer driver to your computer using a wireless network. Installing the network printer is a tedious task when compared to the USB connection.

Install The Canon IJ Printer Driver

  • First, read the installation guide if you’ve got a tough copy of user manual then read this one & for online user manual user can visit to access user manual & other settings also given your canon printer.
  • Connect to the wireless network using the monitor provided within the Canon wireless printer.
  • If your printer is successfully connected to your network, then you’ll easily install by opening the instrument panel .
  • In the instrument panel select the devices and printer and therein select the add printer option.
  • Next select add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer option from various options available.
  • Then select your wireless printer from the list of printers available.
  • Now install the driving force software needed for your computer by clicking the install driver button.

If you would like to understand further details regarding the method of installation you’ll visit the setup page.

canon printer driver

This is the whole process of connecting your Canon printer to your computer through canon ij setup. in any case the formalities of the setup are over and you’ve got been successfully connected to your printer via your Mac, confirm to offer your printer an attempt . Select any random document from the file and folders of your computer and attend the print icon or option present anywhere within the document and choose it. Check if your printer is successfully ready to process your request of printing that specific document. If you’ve got a print of your document extracted out the printer, it indicates the printer is connected and dealing also . If aren’t ready to obtain a print, you’ll contact the service center or the esteemed personnel who provide after sale services as they will assist you install the printer.

If you’re facing any problems with any of the printer options or mistakenly you chose some options of which you had no idea. you’ll perform a factory reset on the printer, to setup and manual related issues are solved on to assist it install all the default options provided by the manufacturer. For restoring the default setting of the printer, you’ve got to press and hold the cancel or the resume button. you’ve got to carry it till the alarm beside it flashes for 17 times straight. After the 17th flash, you’ll abandoning of the button. this is able to restore all the default which was programmed into your printer. If faced with any problems here also , you’ll contact the esteemed service center person and obtain in-tuned with the company’s service or visit at


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